SME Leverage Limited

About Us


Payday Loans For your Daily Expenses

Our terms are flexible and our ability to work to extremely tight deadlines combined with a no-nonsense approach to lending.

We allow entrepreneurs to easily access working capital finance options, eliminating or reducing their concerns or worries about cash flow gaps.

Lower Rates

We will customize a loan based on the amount of cash you need.

Quick and Easy

We provide online instant cash loans with quick approval that suit you.

No Payment Penalty

Get Credit Within minutes! Up to 98% Cash Withdrawal Facilities

SME Leverage focuses on providing competitive loans tailored to meets your immediate needs. Be it sbhool fees, house rent, medical bills, domestic utility bills.
SME LEVERAGE is a non-bank financial company operating in Delta state. We eliminate cashflow gaps that salary earners encounter as a result of payday inconsistencies, we bridge such gaps, we take care of those pressing needs for you.

Our Process

Your application could be approved and completed within minutes. To deal directly with decision-makers, all you have to do is get in touch. Our company also offers an on-demand advice and help channel via phone, email or text.

Our Mission

SME Leverage's mission is to innovate traditional credit services, using modern technology, in order to better avail salary earners with cheaper, quicker and hitch-free access to loans.

Our Vision

To be the pace-setter in the non-bank financial industry in providing salary earners with affordable loans.